Sunday, April 3, 2016

Auto World 1964 Ford Country Squire

I may be mostly retired from collecting these days, but occasionally there will come along an issue so great that I cannot possibly pass it up.

Auto World is a newer brand, dating to late 2012, founded by Tom Lowe- the same person who founded Johnny Lightning, (the modern version) Polar Lights, and currently runs Johnny Lightning, AMT, MPC, Lindberg, and of course, Auto World. (Even better, Racing Champions is back, but that's a post for another day)

The Auto World line is set up to be the best scale representations ever. They actually construct the cars to true 1/64 scale, not box scale, as just about every other company does, with the possible exception of M2. Even my favorite Racing Champions scaled to the packaging, not the car.

Auto World came around right when I was forced out of collecting. I only got a couple of them, but I have somewhat stayed up on what they were planning to produce- for instance, they had plans for at least one El Camino, although I was never able to find it- but I was able to find this 1964 Ford Country Squire.

I LOVE wagons, I always have, even when nobody else did. For me, the wagon is the best bodystyle, followed by the 4-door sedan, with everything else below them somewhere.

The 1964 Fords are also my favorite 60s Fords. Win-Win!

This is just about perfect. One of my "pet peeves" is silly license plates, that takes away from the overall excellent execution of this fine wagon. That is my only complaint...unless you consider that it's only in 1/64 scale and not 1/1 scale in my driveway.

Although they kind of blend in in the photographs, the car DOES have doorlines molded in. White is a hard color to photograph and have the details show. You can see the better on the right side of the car than the left, but they are visible there if you look closely too.